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About OpenLapSim

OpenLapSim is an open source steady state lap time simulation software written in Python.
It produces the best lap time and the corresponding speed trace for a given vehicle setup and circuit.

The development of these type of tools started few decades ago in the fields of motorsport, in particular from Formula One, but recently their usage is becoming more popular in other categories as well, with few commercial products available on the market. The main idea behind lap time simulation software is to be able to precisely quantify the effect of the different vehicle parameters, such as mass, downforce level, power and gear on the performance of the car. A simple example is the selection of the right gear ratios for a specific circuit before running the real car at the track.

This software provides the basic functionalities of a racing lap time simulation software, and has already been used by professionals for preliminary studies and analysis. You can download the software as it is and run the simulations that you need, or you can help on the development of the software.

For more information read the documentation or send an email.